Christian Barmitzvah Curriculum Explanation

We help parents or guardians create a Christian rite-of-passage where their adolescent is recognized as a young man or woman. Why? Because it increases the youth’s chance of keeping their faith, increases their rights and responsibilities and helps solidify their God-given identity and destiny

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Ray in Charlottesville, VA

Understanding who we are is imperative to being. Cultures throughout history have developed rites of passage to help children make the transition to adulthood. This important ritual has been lost in the Christian Evangelical Church . Is it any wonder that 90% or more of our children leave the church upon entering adulthood. Thank God for the “Heart Of A Nation” ministry whose mission is to provide the resources necessary to help boys transition into Godly young men.


Bill in Louisa, VA

How I wish I had this kind of advice when I was growing up. The real kicker to me was when both boys asked to continue listening to another tape on the way home when we were all so tired. THEY wanted to hear more.

Mike in Albemarle, VA

Every one of us is ‘busy’ — inundated with requests.
Upon occasion, a worthy project stands out and we feel compelled to say yes and deliver service. Heart of a Nation is one of these causes. I have been pleased to invest time, energy, creativity and commitment. Nick and Tom are exemplary leaders, with sound judgment, and their Heart of a Nation project resounds decidedly within me. I am delighted to brainstorm and partake in this project and I believe you will too as you implement these thought provoking principles. After all, we are leaving this planet to our children — so why not mentor them with fine growth strategies upon their journey.

Ted in Charlottesville, VA

At a time when children are more likely to confide in their peers, the `Heart of a Nation` program encourages adolescents to share their personal concerns, receive Biblical guidance, and establish lasting relationships with reliable and caring adult mentors. I was impressed that my grandson not only developed a closer relationship with me, but has continued his relationships with other trusted mentors


Kim in Earlysville, VA

Heart of a Nation hits the spot! As we swirl around in this culture trying to stand against the drift and set our children on firm ground, this program provides a starting and finishing place, and actually throws you a life raft! I am looking forward to my sons spending time with trusted men who share similar values and who have the opportunity to transmit some of their hard earned wisdom, or at the very least, affirmation. I believe it honors God to call upon one another this way, and am blessed to know about HON.

Here is a video testimony of a participant, Justin.


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If you have a desire to see your youth go through a rite of passage where they are deemed a young adult and no longer a child, then you are in the right place. Heart Of A Nation helps the champion (parents/guardians) and their young men and women create a champion-led dynamic individualized rite of passage in the life of the youth to help them become Godly young men and Godly young women

Decide if you want to do the program for your youth. The beauty of this program is that it is parent/champion directed. It is done at your own pace on your schedule. The goal is to finish within about a year. As your youth sees you deeply investing in their life and the youth meets with mentors the parent/champion trusts, it can provide not only a life long affect on the youth’s life but become a heritage for generations of your family.

Purchase your materials and customize the program for your youth. If you have questions, join the Heart Of A Nation Academy for a short course introduction. Also post questions on our forums or by email.

Complete the steps for your son or daughter’s year of blessing and see them solidified in their God given unique identity and destiny. Use the online resources and materials to aid you in your journey to their culminating ceremony

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