Thank you for coming to visit Heart of A Nation. My name is Nick Skriloff.  As a husband and father of 3 boys, there are many challenges to navigate my family, faith, and marriage to the place I know God wants it to be. It is not easy! Raising 3 boys, having a full-time job , helping the church and keeping a good relationship with my wife is about all a guy can do. But I have found some things that work and give you the most return on your efforts.

So, I have designed this site to be a place full of trustworthy resources that have worked for me and that I want to share with you.

I need to say that many of these products have affiliate links for which I get a commission. I have wrapped it all up in a grand vision I call the Wall of Responsibility. Good things in life happen when day by day we do the hard and easy things bit by bit, or if you will brick by brick.

Every time you complete one of the qualifying items, I will put your name and accomplishment on the Wall of Responsibility.

I hope one day to see a physical wall erected to complement the Statue of Liberty. I truly want to encourage you and your family through trustworthy media.



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  1. Lorena September 13, 2012 at 6:42 am # Reply

    I always enjoy your ptoisngs. I particularly enjoy the pictures and smile continually as I view them. I often check and, finding no new posting, still glean pleasure from simply perusing the pictures posted from times past. Brings back many memories and thoughts of times past. I do that quite frequently. The kids are cute and full of life. I love seeing them so happy, excited, and fulfilled.

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